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The skilled barbers at Goodfellas pay great attention to detail, and go above and beyond to get the perfect cut to meet the desires of their clients. Contrary to popular belief, Goodfellas has a great amount of diversity in our clientele, and each and every customer always walks out with a smile of satisfaction with their fresh cut. You'll find the entire human spectrum at Goodfellas from black to white to brown, young and old, and that's a very good thing in the culturally rich and diverse city of Tacoma and University Place. 

The atmosphere inside the shop is very relaxed with good music always in tune, and of course a good conversation always in the mix amongst the individuals inside about different interesting topics. The barber shop is not only a place to get your hair game on point, but also a place where you can connect and converse with people about different things, it a community center of sorts. We set out to create the last true safe house for a man to come and enjoy being a man.  So say what you feel and let the good times roll at your neighborhood barbershop, Goodfellas barbershop! Men young to ancient are all welcome here!

When you first walk into Goodfellas barbershop, you will immediately recognize that you are not in an average barber shop.  Goodfellas Barber Shop is driven by over 13 years of professional experience and has established a dedicated following that reflects the unmatched quality and value of the services it offers. Established in 2001, Goodfellas barber shop strives to offer the premier grooming experience in the North West. 

Respected for his skill as a barber and for the care he has for his customers, Eric’s commitment to excellence is well-known in the community. Eric has mentored numerous successful barbers and has influenced many more with his unique style. While Goodfellas University Place is his newest location, his reputation precedes him. 

Our barbers are committed to not only providing each of our customers with the best haircut or shave, but also with the absolute highest levels of customer service. We gladly accept all walk-in clients and will be ready to cut your hair or give you a great shave as soon as possible. We’ll also give you an accurate estimate of how long you’ll have to wait so you know what to expect.

Would you like to work at Goodfellas Barber Shop?

If you are a licensed and experienced barber with extraordinary customer service and people skills, Goodfellas Barber Shop would like to talk to you.

Talk to Eric Upchurch at the shop by calling (253) 376-0767 during regular business hours.

The barbers at Goodfellas Barber shop are among the best trained, most experienced, and friendliest barbers in the area. You can count on them to listen to you, and to give you a top-quality haircut in the exact style you want.